Treatment Fees

In concern for Your comfort our personnel uses high-end equipment as well as the highest quality medicaments and anaesthetics.

Below you can find treatment fees charged in our dental surgery.

Preventive treatment
varnishing 60 zł
sealing 80 zł / tooth
scaling 200 zł
fluoridation 60 zł

restoration from 110 zł
primary tooth extraction 100 zł

Conservative dentistry and endodotics
restoration 165-250 zł
root canal tratment from 400 zł
local anesthetic 30 zł

Dental surgery
extraction from 200 zł
retained tooth extraction from 400 zł

Dental prosthetics
implants from 3500 zł
crowns and bridges from 900 zł
post-and-core from 380 zł
porcelain veneer from 1600 zł
inlay/onlay from 750 zł